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Making Change Together with the Cool City Challenge

At this morning’s EPA webinar (part of a dynamite series by EPA's West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum), Annie Leonard shared what she has learned on her journey…


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Giving Thanks for Tech Ingenuity

As the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I am grateful for the technology ingenuity that is busy at work, helping us break down the man-made walls separating us from our own smarter future. 


One great way to thank our technology innovators is to join them on their “Hero’s Journey”. This is the raison d'être of the Clean Tech Open, the world-class mentorship program for the clean tech…


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"Post-Recognition" Collaboration

In Austin, Texas last week, the SXSW Eco community convened for its second year to address “the need for a concerted, cross sector approach to solving the recognized challenges facing the economy, the environment and civil society”.  Their aim: “to drive the conversation of sustainability beyond rhetoric and towards solutions. “  


The SXSW Eco folks are perhaps naming our era as they reach out to “professionals at the…


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Creative Spaces: Summertimes and Showcases

Ah, summertime!  A vacation to Tuscany, a visit from my daughter, a publishing break – such are the spaces that allow creativity to thrive.   And yet, we close our summer breaks fittingly with a celebration of Labor and the generative fruits of our work – which often have their genesis in the creative spaces of summer.  We highlight two such initiatives today.

The first creative initiative comes from the always-generative…


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100 Years of Innovation

In the after-glow of holiday magic, we are reminded of our power - and responsibility - to create magic in the world.  Suspending disbelief, we stretch our imaginations and, at least for a time, expand our view of what is possible. 


Recently, my colleagues and I answered an invitation to consider how to expand our collective view of what is possible in the field of commercial space.  In responding to DARPA’s One…


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Prosuming and "Liking" it

Our readers know that Alvin Toffler invented the word, but I might be the first person to "verb" it.  From our friends at Wikipedia:

The term [Prosumer] has ... taken on multiple meanings in business and economics: the business sector sees the prosumer (professional–consumer) as a market segment, whereas economists see the prosumer…


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The Biggest Risk of All

Like many, I have become discouraged, even angry, in the wake of Silicon Valley solar manufacturer Solyndra's filing for bankruptcy. 

Unlike many others in the blogosphere, I am not angry with the government loan guarantee program for backing Solyndra.  I am not even angry with…


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Creating our 10,000 Year Legacy

This past weekend, our Airbnb guests had come to town for the Mechanicrawl 02011 event hosted by the Long Now Foundation, whose mission is balancing “faster/cheaper” thinking with its “slower/better” counterpart.   It prompted me to take another look at my copy of…


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The World is Ripe

Sometimes you just cannot be everywhere you want to be.  The eighth of September was one of those days for me, as Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) held a workshop on Designing for Sustainability through Biomimicry, and I was not available to go.  I heard from colleague Diana Lee of the Biomimicry Institute that SSV Executive…


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Nuclear Risk Engineering -- applying Secured Environment's technology

SMART innovator Eddie Leung of Secured Environment will be setting up a degree program in Hong Kong on nuclear risk engineering and give a seminar on pollutant valuation.  A description of that Seminar is below.



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Going Back to the Future -- with Nuclear Energy

In the wake of Fukushima, I can hardly believe I’m saying this. 


Nuclear energy – that field I’ve loved to hate, that clean-energy-with-the-out-sized risks, that “nuclear” word which nearly dissuaded me from having children back in the 1980’s – nuclear energy (of a not-often-heard-of type) could come back out of hiding to address our urgent need for clean, plentiful energy in the 21st…


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Sprint - Your Partner for Smart Grid Innovation?

Brian Huey from Sprint took the time to answer InnovatingSMART's questions regarding communications support for Smart Grid innovators and entrepreneurs.   Check out Brian's detailed answers below.  THANK YOU, Brian! 


And check out The Sprint Open Solutions Conference Nov. 2-4, 2011, in Santa Clara, Calif. Registration is now open for the conference -- Half-off…


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Scaffolding for the Smart Grid

My husband and I are repainting our historic Victorian home, and hold grand visions for what will emerge.  Today, the workmen came to put up the scaffolding necessary to get the job done. 


After a day of them erecting metal structures and laying down planks into strategic and stable configurations, I behold in amazement the result.  There now exist pathways and bridges providing access and support to the painters for every stage of their work to come -- whether removing…


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Creating Certainty through Uncertainty

In Vinod Khosla’s tough-love speech, delivered to the electricity storage community at their own annual conference earlier this month, and expertly reported by GreenTechMedia, he focuses on the concept of Certainty.  

When it comes to energy in America, Certainty has most certainly become…


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Working SMART -- Sustainably managing energy

Last week, our editor took a mini-vacation to honor the birthday of a family member.   I decided to take that opportunity to give him – and our cast here at InnovatingSMART – a break. So instead of issuing our usual weekly “Brief!”, we experimented with a change in our publishing rhythm.   We are pleased to return to you today.


But our experiment begs a larger Community Question about working…


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Smart Grid Explained by IEEE

The IEEE has created a particularly accessible video explanation on the scope and necessity of the Smart Grid.   Enjoy it here:


"With energy, all of the other problems can be solved. Without it, everything begins to fall apart." -- Deepak Divan, Georgia Tech

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Call to Art- - a collaboration with SSV

At the SSV WEST Summit back in December, InnovatingSMART assisted Sustainable Silicon Valley in their collection and display of reflective and inspiring art pieces, underscoring the greater meaning and mission behind this intelligent and often exciting work.


At that time, we made several musical animations, developed through the creative tools at …


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Check Out My Observation on Carbon Offsets

I decided to buy carbon offsets for my parents' cars as a holiday gift this year.  It ended up being a hit! They saw it as a thoughtful gift and it allowed us to talk more thoroughly about the rest of their carbon offsets.  Even better, it gave me the excuse to do some long-desired research about carbon offsets, their efficacy and how to choose where to buy them from.  To read the full article, click… Continue

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Water - Energy - Smart Technology

On December 6th at Stanford University, Sustainable Silicon Valley held their annual Summit, where Silicon Valley businesses come together to take stock of their progress on the path to sustainability, and to inspire the work for the coming year.

The focus of this year's summit, appropriately, was…


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