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We ask SMART innovators to share their first-person stories of innovation: What are you doing?  Why is this work important to you?  What advice can you pass on to others?   Thank you, SMART innovators!


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SASB - Informing the Investment Community 4 Replies

THE INNOVATION:Driving core business value by providing comparable, verifiable sustainability (ESG) data to the investment community. Marisa Mackey Associate Director, Education Services Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB)…Continue

Tags: governance, Managed-intelligently, Governance, economy, Economy

Started by Sue Lebeck. Last reply by Sue Lebeck Jan 21, 2014.

Energy Innovation - Waste-Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor

THE INNOVATION:Transatomic Power, powered by a youthful innovation team, has developed the 500 MW-generating WAMSR - a Waste-Annihilating Molten Salt Reactor. WAMSR, which can be mass-produced, is a molten salt reactor that converts high-level…Continue

Tags: Regenerative, Trusted, Systems-savvy, economy, Economy

Started by Sue Lebeck Nov 18, 2013.

Cool City Challenge - Taking the "Low Carbon Diet" to Scale

THE INNOVATION:The purpose of the Cool City Challenge is to bring to scale proven behavior change and community engagement methodologies to help households achieve deep carbon reduction, create disaster resilient neighborhoods, and catalyze demand…Continue

Tags: Systems-savvy, economy, Economy, Managed-intelligently, Adaptive

Started by Sue Lebeck Sep 9, 2013.

Engineering Ideas at the Zoo

THE INNOVATION:Biomimicry-inspired incubation models have emerged in recent years, all aiming to nurture technologies originating in Nature’s laboratories.   Today’s SMART innovation story, the last in a series of innovation stories from…Continue

Tags: economy, Adaptive, Economy, ecosystems-biodiversity, materials

Started by Sue Lebeck Jul 16, 2013.

The Centre for BioInspiration - at the San Diego Zoo

THE INNOVATION:In this new biomimicry-inspired incubation model, biologists match animal and plant species’ natural adaptations to the functional requirements of specific industrial challenges.  Once the biologists have gathered the options, then…Continue

Tags: economy, Adaptive, Economy, ecosystems-biodiversity, materials

Started by Sue Lebeck Jul 16, 2013.

Tripping -- A Collaboration

THE INNOVATION:From car-sharing to ride-sharing, and from bicycle pools to online purchase delivery, getting people and things around has become a collaborative effort. Creative innovation is happening on many fronts in this "transportation…Continue

Tags: Systems-savvy, mobility, Mobility, transportation, Transportation

Started by Sue Lebeck Jun 11, 2013.

Delivering Innovation at the Post Office

THE INNOVATION:Collaborating with arch-rivals UPS and FedEx to share strategic bits of their asset infrastructure and making them each more…Continue

Tags: mobility, Systems-savvy, Mobility, economy, transportation

Started by Sue Lebeck Jun 11, 2013.

Bikes Make Life Better

THE INNOVATION:Helping companies design pools of bicycling assets for sharing across a corporate community, generating both functional and…Continue

Tags: People-Values, people-values, Systems-savvy, transportation, mobility

Started by Sue Lebeck Jun 11, 2013.

The Shelton Group - "Wasting Water Is Weird"

THE INNOVATION:The leading marketing and communications firm entirely focused on the sustainability space is also bringing multiple brands together to address sustainability issues by changing behavior in consumers. …Continue

Started by Sue Lebeck May 14, 2013.

Farmigo - "Let's Grow Together"

THE INNOVATION:A new type of decentralized local food system, connecting communities of farmers to communities of food consumers.  For consumers -- an online space for shopping for farm sources, based on practices that you’re aligned with and the…Continue

Started by Sue Lebeck May 14, 2013.


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