From car-sharing to ride-sharing, and from bicycle pools to online purchase delivery, getting people and things around has become a collaborative effort. Creative innovation is happening on many fronts in this "transportation revolution", involving traditional and non-traditional players, and expanding the boundaries of what it means to “share”.  

Check out these innovation stories from the 2013 GreenBiz Forum in San Francisco!

Our Conversations...

Kurt Wallace Martin - Bikes Make Life Better
THE INNOVATION: Helping companies design pools of bicycling assets for sharing across a corporate community, generating both functional and cultural benefits. 

"We believe that our road to saving ourselves from climate change will be traveled on bicycles."

Thomas Day - Delivering Innovation at the Post Office
THE INNOVATION: Collaborating with arch-rivals UPS and FedEx to share strategic bits of their asset infrastructure and making them each more efficient and effective. 

"Together, we provide more efficient networks at lower cost, while improving our impacts on the  environment and reducing our carbon footprint."


Next month, watch for the last in this series of InnovatingSMART conversations with folks we met at the Forum. Coming up: a return to nature for our physical and social engineering ideas. Yes, business as usual is changing. Stay tuned for more.


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Check out GreenBiz' own coverage of the 2013 Forum at their microsite, or sign up for their newsletters.




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