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About the 10,000-year clock


Jan 9: New Years and New Babies! (Brief!)


The year of Cool City Challenge, GreenBiz and City Protocol



Nov 20: Giving Thanks (Brief!)

Oct 15: (At GreenBiz' VERGE SF!  -  See our story on HackCitySF)

Sep 12: Making Change Together with the Cool City Challenge (Brief!)

Aug14: (Vacation!)

Jul 17:  Incubating Nature (Series!)

Jun 13: The Transportation Revolution (Series!)

May16: From Consumers to Citizens: Power to the People (Series!)

Apr 11: Creating with Constraints (Series!)

Mar 14: Mo'Data! Mo'Data! Mo'Data! (Series!)

Feb 14: Risk, Resilience and Love: Lessons from Woodstock (Brief!)

Jan 10: New Year, New World (Brief!)


Dec  5: On the VERGE of a SMARTer World(Special!)

Nov 15: Giving Thanks for Tech Ingenuity (Brief!)

Oct   9: "Post-Recognition" Collaboration (Brief!)

Sep  5: Creative Spaces: Summertimes and Showcases (Brief!)

Jun 14: No Surprises (Brief!)

May  2: Sustainability Base - NASA's Space Station on Earth (Brief!)

Apr   4: A New Cultural Narrative for Sustainability (Brief!)

Mar  7: Wisdom for Aspiring SMART Innovators - From IBM SmartCamp (Brief!)

Feb  9: Half-time? Or game change? (Brief!)

Jan  5: 100 Years of Innovation (Brief!)

(moving to a monthly schedule)




Dec 21: On Being Santa (Brief!)

Dec  6: "What Part of You is Not for Sale?" (Brief!)


Nov 23: Sustaining Thanksgiving (Brief!)

Nov  9: Prosuming and "Liking" It (Brief!)


Oct 26: How Would Nature Do your Job? (Brief!)

Oct 13: The Biggest Risk of All (Brief!)


Sept 29: Creating our 10,000-year Legacy (Brief!)

Sept 15: The World is Ripe (Brief!)


Aug 31: Going Back to the Future - with Nuclear Energy (Brief!)

Aug 17: Scaffolding for the Smart Grid (Brief!)

Aug  3:  Going the Distance (Brief!)


July 20: Free to Be Customers (Again) (Brief!)

July  7:  The Myth of Independence? (Brief!)


June 23: Creating Certainty through Uncertainty (Brief!)

June  9: Let's Hurry Up and Pace Ourselves (Brief!)


May 24: Leaders make the Future (Brief!)

May 11: Working Smart - Sustainably Managing Energy (Brief!)

(moving to a bi-weekly schedule)

Apr 27: "We are Listening!" (Brief!)

Apr 20: "Turning the World on its - Side?" (Newsletter)

Apr 13: "A Question for You!" (Brief!)

Apr  5: "The Call to Innovation" (Brief!)


Mar 31: “An April Fool’s Story”  (Brief!)

Mar 23: “The Opposite of SMART – not simply ‘Stupid’” (Brief!)

Mar 16: “The Age of SMART” (Newsletter)

Mar  9: “Wherever You Are” (Brief!)

Mar  2: “Leading the Change Ahead” (Brief!)

Feb 23: “The (Other) 3 E’s” (Brief!)

Feb 16: “Changing the World through Food: Part One” (Newsletter)

Feb  9: “’Green’ Scores Big at 45th SuperBowl” (Brief!)

Feb  2: “Be Generous with your Social Assets” (Brief!)


Jan 26: “Consuming in Circles” (Brief!)

Jan 19: “Winter Bugs: Valuing Physical and Social Systems” (Brief!)

Jan 12: “Regenerative Design for the Modern World” (Newsletter)

Jan  5: “Embrace Vision 2050 in the New Year” (Brief!)



Dec 14: “Gifts for the New Year” (Brief!)

Nov 17: “Our Latest Steps Forward” (Brief!)

Oct 18: “This One’s for You!” (Newsletter - Grand Opening)

Sep 12: “Premiere Edition” (Newsletter - Premiere)


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Chair Emeritus: Building Better Cities Together at City Protocol

GreenBiz VERGE

Can Lyft reclaim cities for people, not cars?

The chief of sustainability at the ridesharing giant shares plans for electric and autonomous vehicles.

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