Creative Spaces: Summertimes and Showcases

Ah, summertime!  A vacation to Tuscany, a visit from my daughter, a publishing break – such are the spaces that allow creativity to thrive.   And yet, we close our summer breaks fittingly with a celebration of Labor and the generative fruits of our work – which often have their genesis in the creative spaces of summer.  We highlight two such initiatives today.

The first creative initiative comes from the always-generative Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV).  This time Executive Director Marianna Grossman teamed up with Dr. Steven F. Zornetzer, Associate Director and design/build leader of the Sustainability Base at the NASA/Ames Research Center.   Together, they are launching a Showcase Competition, "to identify and showcase solutions that can scale to have a positive impact for sustainability on a planetary scale."   Details of this “Call for Solutions for Planetary Sustainability” will be announced on September 12.   

InnovatingSMART was fortunate to attend the invitation-only Launch event at NASA on August 23, and today’s spotlighted SMART innovation interview with Marianna comes from there.   A preview of solutions was unveiled as a core part of the event as well, and several will be spotlighted by us next month.   The upcoming submission and sharing of solutions to the Showcase Competition will be facilitated by SSV’s online community at EcoCloud.  Hear about it from Martha Lyons of the EcoCloud team.

The second creative initiative comes from yours truly.  Always eager to help innovation networks constellate around SMART innovation, I will be complementing my R&D collaboration work at StarNet LCC with several generative services designed to help you visualize and realize your own SMART innovation initiatives.    ImagineSMART! InnovateSMART! CelebrateSMART! will be coming soon.  Let us know if your organization would like to become an early adopter.   Because as Marianna says, "Life is short, and this is not a dress rehearsal.  Go for it!"

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Comment by Sue Lebeck on October 9, 2012 at 6:32pm

An update on "ImagineSMART!  InnovateSMART! CelebrateSMART!"....   A peek at our home page will tell you that what's "Coming Soon" has now arrived, and has changed a bit along the way.  

Our new service set is now directed at increasing the success of those of you already doing SMART innovation.  "ConnectSMART!  ReflectSMART!  ProjectSMART!"  are designed for YOU, SMART innovator!



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