In Austin, Texas last week, the SXSW Eco community convened for its second year to address “the need for a concerted, cross sector approach to solving the recognized challenges facing the economy, the environment and civil society”.  Their aim: “to drive the conversation of sustainability beyond rhetoric and towards solutions. “  


The SXSW Eco folks are perhaps naming our era as they reach out to “professionals at the forefront of the post-recognition discussion”.  “Post-Recognition discussion".   I like it.  "Post-Recognition" previews today as a turning point in history.   It names the current era which our children’s grand-children will look back upon and tell stories about. It acknowledges the potent time we are living in now. 


In parallel acts of of “Post-Recognition”, Sustainable Silicon Valley in collaboration with the NASA/Ames Sustainability Base came out last week with the details of their Call for Solutions as previewed here last month.   In the words of Executive Director Marianna Grossman, “the intersection of different zones results in a very fertile area“.  Indeed.


Meanwhile, SVForum will look at the systems-integration opportunity of the “Post-Recognition” era as they host a Clean-Tech Mashup on convergence and innovation next Tuesday.  Organizers of this event observe that “leading companies … are looking at traditional problems and opportunities in a more aggregated way and with a new mindset. … In pursuit of the solutions, companies are partnering, prototyping, and exploring for value in major new ways”.   


And next month, the message gets louder as GreenBiz and GreenBuild collaborate to bring the VERGE conversation to San Francisco “to illuminate the opportunities for radical efficiencies created through technology advancements in energy, buildings and transportation… VERGE explores company engagement in a vast web of relationships to exploit convergence, from industry standards to employee engagement to NGO partnerships”.


The momentum potential of these one-after-another conversations is encouraging.   Only by focusing on clean-tech/sustainability as the cross-sector inter-systems collaboration challenge it is will we create the correct frame to get this right.  May "Post-Recognition" mark a fertile time, and may the era of collaboration begin!

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