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Last week, our editor took a mini-vacation to honor the birthday of a family member.   I decided to take that opportunity to give him – and our cast here at InnovatingSMART – a break. So instead of issuing our usual weekly “Brief!”, we experimented with a change in our publishing rhythm.   We are pleased to return to you today.


But our experiment begs a larger Community Question about working SMART, not hard.  Our question: what is the optimal publishing rhythm for InnovatingSMART?  Part of the answer is our own to decide – what is sustainable for our all-volunteer team?   But part of the answer is for you to weigh in on.    Please add your voice to our data collection...  Thank you!


While we are on the topic of data-driven energy management (yes, we were!) I would like to thank Christine Hertzog and the Plug-and-Play-Tech-Center for their excellent conference last month on the SMART Grid – that place where information technology, communications and data management come together to address one of our largest global challenges – SMART energy management.


At this high-energy event, we enjoyed talking with an array of forward-acting innovators, and are pleased to bring you their short stories over the coming weeks.    Today, we highlight one of those innovators, Pervasa, a company which develops self-integrating technology, for the SmartGrid and beyond. 

Importantly, this collaborative conference focused not only on Smart Grid entrepreneurs, but also on the larger ecosystem that supports them.   How do innovators work with large infrastructural players when transforming our energy grid?  Stay tuned in the coming weeks, where we share insights from these larger players as well! 

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