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We are Listening!

Here at InnovatingSMART, our mission is to listen.  We seek to listen to today's sustainability-driven innovators -- entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs alike.  We seek to hear about their goals, their achievements, their learnings, and the meaning they are making in the world.  And... we seek also to listen to you, our loyal readers!  Thanks so much to all of you who, several weeks ago, responded to our first Community Question.  Thank you for your creative…


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Turning the World on its - Side?

Wisely, we are beginning to design new efficiencies and enlightened qualities into our systems.  From energy to water, from cars to buildings, from materials to business models -- these systems have all been enjoying a serious second look.  This is both essential and innovative in its own way.   But sometimes, to really change how things work, we need to turn a system on its side.


This kind of thinking is what today's highlighted story represents - literally.   Our featured…


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Thriving -- In Great Company

Check out this great event, hosted by InnovatingSMART's nonprofit collaborator -

Join Sustainovation for an In-Depth Dialogue with Patti Lee-Hoffmann, Author of…


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A Question for YOU!

Innovation is about conducting experiments.  Here at InnovatingSMART, we've been conducting lots of experiments, and have a few more in store. But before we do try anything new, we'd like to hear from you!  

To that end, we have introduced the Community Question.   Here, we check in with our readers about an area we want to do our next experiment in.  We wish to take our next Creative Direction from you.  So, please help us by responding to our first…


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The Call to Innovation

You know by now that I like to quote from Vision 2050: A new agenda for business.  If 30+ leaders, mostly from the C-suites of the world's largest companies, took the time to write it, I think it only right that I should take the time to read it.   

This week's quote is a nice support for our spotlighted story (our first "Conversation") on Innovation Alliances for the 21st…


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Call to Art- - a collaboration with SSV

At the SSV WEST Summit back in December, InnovatingSMART assisted Sustainable Silicon Valley in their collection and display of reflective and inspiring art pieces, underscoring the greater meaning and mission behind this intelligent and often exciting work.


At that time, we made several musical animations, developed through the creative tools at …


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