From a highway hot-spot, to a walkable, walk-worthy street, I’ve been lucky in love with my merchants, my neighbors, the people I meet.

In vibrant communities, wellness is served on a platter. Food for the body, mind, heart. Rooms for expression, and what matters.

On this cusp, in these moments as we peek out to play, I serenade the local businesses which, daily, make my day.



All the things I miss most don't come in a box.
These make me more human, more well and less lost:

A spin at the gym, a pint at the pub.
Chats with a houseless reader, to learn what he loves.

Daily markets, nightly music and restaurants feed me.
Galleries of arts, libations and curations all please me.

Pop-up servings of song, conversation or feasts for the eyes.
Maybe a new dish or cuisine, or some other surprise.

Faithful communities of ideas, prayer and dance.
Circular economies of books, clothing and chance.

Local centers of health, security, learning.
Playgrounds and performance - for these I am yearning.

My ghosted town shocked my senses, the result of what’s best
As we flattened the curve of a most complicated guest.

As essential workers work overtime and families struggle in place,
As those ill strain to breathe, let’s take care when we meet face to face:

Let’s still see the chains that supply us. Still kiss the ground we stand on.
Let’s still save tons of fugitive carbon. All these wisdoms hard-won!

As we come back out to work and play, within local timing and size,
Let’s do so recharged by our experience – with new insights, fresh eyes.

To re-create community consciously, if from six feet apart,
With more authentic masks, brighter eyes, cleaner hands, bigger hearts.

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