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Free to Be Customers (Again)

While musing about independence on the 4th of July, I found myself inside of an unexpected but provocative question.  Asked then: “What is our modern tyranny -- the ‘arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power’ from which we seek freedom” today?


After sitting with this question for a couple of weeks, I…


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Creating Value for all Stakeholders: the Triple-Bottom-Line

Expressions of stakeholder-driven triple-bottom-line value creation can be found at Wikipedia and from Andrew Savitz, author of the book The Triple-Bottom-Line.

Additionally, the following slide identifies some of the forms of triple-bottom-line value I work to help create myself, directly and indirectly, through the innovation alliances work of…


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Dimensions of Innovation

Innovation, or creating new value, is a key driver to success in today’s business climate.  Innovation is a very human activity, which can occur along many dimensions.  These correspond to the dimensions of human activity itself. Modern psychology tells us that the dimensions which comprise a…


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The Myth of Independence?

With today’s spotlighted story,  I find myself thinking about myths.  What is a myth?  Myths are  powerful narratives, which both validate and guide human experience.  Myths are sometimes held as lies, and other times held as the things most true.  Dying myths tend toward the former, living myths enjoy the latter.   

With 4th of July celebrations just behind us,…


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