Innovation, or creating new value, is a key driver to success in today’s business climate.  Innovation is a very human activity, which can occur along many dimensions.  These correspond to the dimensions of human activity itself. Modern psychology tells us that the dimensions which comprise a whole view of human activity are these:    

The Physical Dimension.   
This dimension includes physical spaces and materials applied and consumed.  It includes environments created and environments impacted.  It includes the body and physical engagement.  It includes all physical presences and impacts to clients, colleagues, competitors, community.   It includes support for and response to individual physical needs.

The Emotional Dimension.

This dimension includes the emotional experiences created when engaging with clients and other patrons, suppliers, employees, neighbors, the community and the market at large, and all other stakeholders.   It includes support for and response to individual emotional needs.

The Story and Meaning-Making Dimension.
This dimension includes meaning, mythologies, and values, both as expressed and as realized, on an organizational and individual level.   It includes brand mission and mythology, what the brand actually creates and delivers, and all stakeholders’ response to it.  It also includes support for and response to individual meaning-making.

The Community Dimension.
This dimension includes all aspects of community served, community created, community lost and community impacted.   It includes physical, emotional, creative and intellectual communities, and communities of meaning.   It includes human communities, and all other diverse and interdependent communities of nature.

The Creative Expression Dimension.
This dimension includes creativity expressed, and also individual and group creativity allowed, invited, facilitated and embraced. 

The Intellectual Dimension.
This dimension includes mental understanding and application regarding operations, decision-making, product and process creation, client and stakeholder needs.  It also includes support for and response to individual intellectual material.

Innovation.   Creating new value.   The opportunities are many, if the many Dimensions of Innovation are understood and creatively explored.


Reprinted with permission:
Dimensions of InnovationCopyright 2006 - Sue Lebeck, M.S., M.A.,Founder – Working-Arts®

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