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Be Generous with your Social Assets

In times like these, when financial capital is often in short supply, we are reminded of the creative power of our social assets.


A few weeks ago, my husband and I were approached by an indepenent film-making duo who had at one time lived in the basement apartment of our historic Victorian home.  Delighted to make the connection, and impressed by their creative vision and gracious manner, we were thrilled to receive a request to film an important scene in our living room. …


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Consuming in Circles

This weekend at the CompostModern conference on sustainable design, I got to listen to many inspiring speakers.  Among them:  Jonah Sachs from Free Range Studios, the story-telling genius behind Annie Leonard's brilliant (though not uncontroversial) illustration of our prevailing linear consumption model.   If you haven't already, watch "The Story of Stuff", which you can find on…


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Winter Bugs: Valuing Physical and Social Systems

Winter Bugs can be insight-giving things, if you let them.  Cleared of the pre-holiday variety, a new Bug has found me.  Annoyed and impatient with its earlier colleagues, I am listening at last. 


I find myself hyper-aware of the physical environment I take for granted.  My constant demand for clean clear air, my unexpected appreciation of warm honeyed water, my new-found need for hot steam, a deep hunger for fresh nutrient-rich food -- all have gotten my attention.  My…


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A Special Invitation from the Director of CompostModern

Following is a guest post and special offer from CompostModern Executive Director Donald W. Savoie. Thank you Donald!

From Donald:



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Regenerative Design for the Modern World

On the weekend of January 22-23, design minds from around the world will convene to express, explore and expand their practices in sustainable design at the CompostModern Conference 2011 -- "Fertile Ground for Building a Sustainable World"Check it out!


On Saturday the 22nd, a huge lineup of design leaders will speak to their experience and share their wisdom at the Herbst…


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Embrace Vision2050 in the New Year!

Happy New Year!  And an important new year it is...


Last month, I had the pleasure of bringing, by invitation, a powerful map for the future to the Sustainable Silicon Valley's (SSV) Water-Energy-Smart-Technology (WEST) Summit.  The map I'm talking about is the…


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