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New Year, New World

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!"  Such was my personal soundtrack during a road-trip move across the country with my family in 1989.  And such is an appropriate soundtrack as we begin this next cycle of the Mayan long-count calendar.


New worlds and new times invite -- nay, demand -- change.  We've often offered…


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Find Your Passion

27 Questions to Find Your Passion

Created by Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend, and sent to me by a friend, Bill Daul, Leader of NextNow



You are the only one who can find your passion - It’s inside you and just has to be uncovered. Use the below to explore what…


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May is Game-Readiness Month for Change-Makers

Whether we feel we are experiencing too much change or not yet enough, change IS the massively multiplayer adventure game on the table these days. And the game is much more fun if we are prepared!


Admired colleagues are serving up some great preparations for change-makers this month, and you will want to get your share. Marianna Grossman’s Sustainable Silicon Valley WEST - Climate Change and Resiliency…


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How would Nature do your job?

These days such a statement might make one a little jumpy.   But in this case, there is no need to panic. Nature is not jones-ing to downsize your position.  Instead, as a result of an increasing number of human apprentices, Nature's genius is on-deck to help YOU look brilliant.

As regular readers have detected by now, I am an unabashed fan of the concepts and potential of Biomimicry, the human practice of…


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Celebrate! the California Benefit Corporation

News from our friends at B-Lab -- Woohoo!

Check out also our new Video addition to the B-Labs innovation story!…


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The World is Ripe

Sometimes you just cannot be everywhere you want to be.  The eighth of September was one of those days for me, as Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) held a workshop on Designing for Sustainability through Biomimicry, and I was not available to go.  I heard from colleague Diana Lee of the Biomimicry Institute that SSV Executive…


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How Might Biomimicry Help Create a Better Battery?

Posted by Diana Lee, of the Biomimicry Institute.  

Be sure to check out the PDF link -- fascinating learnings from nature!

Biomimicry rocks!   Cheers, Sue


---------------------  From Diana:

As part of our work with New York State Energy Research and Development Agency, in June we held a workshop with New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium to begin to plumb the biological…


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Leaders Make the Future

Great title, yes?  It's not mine!  This title and the inspiring book behind it belong to Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future.  The full title, published in 2009, is Leaders Make the Future:…


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The Call to Innovation

You know by now that I like to quote from Vision 2050: A new agenda for business.  If 30+ leaders, mostly from the C-suites of the world's largest companies, took the time to write it, I think it only right that I should take the time to read it.   

This week's quote is a nice support for our spotlighted story (our first "Conversation") on Innovation Alliances for the 21st…


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An April Fool's Story

Among the many things I admire about Marianna Grossman, Executive Director of Sustainable Silicon Valley, is her flair for the artful and the true.  A favorite example can be found with this week's SSV event - Making the Case: A Story-Telling Workshop- to be held unapologetically on none other than April Fool's…


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The Opposite of SMART -- not simply "Stupid"

Over the weekend, while cleaning through some old files, I came across a 2005 essay by best-selling author Scott Berkun entitled "How to learn from your mistakes".   Therein, Scott outlined four categories of mistakes -- ranging from "stupid" to "complex". 


In reflecting on the mistakes that have led us down an unsustainable path, I find that they are actually not …


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B Corporations--Changing the DNA of Business for Good!

You heard all about them from Deborah Hirsh of B-Labs.  Now -- come to hear from several business leaders who have incorporated their enterprises as B Corporations.  On March 21, join InnovatingSMART's host project,…


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Leading the change ahead: Begin where you are

Radical change is clearly ahead.  In the words of a WBCSD task force comprised of the largest businesses in the world "Business-as-usual cannot get us to sustainability or secure economic and social prosperity. These can be achieved only through radical change, starting now."  They went on to articulate exactly what needs to change.  But the question that comes up again and again in…


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Strengthening Change Leaders Like You

Great title, isn't it?   This is the title on the email I received from Andy Billings, VP at Electronic Arts, and a manager of innovation and change who I admire.  Andy's full invitation can be found below.  Perhaps I'll see you there!


From Andy:

Just a quick note on a one-day program that might be of…


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Join the Eco-Cloud Community!

At their recent annual Summit, Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) launched a powerful new resource, the SSV Eco-Cloud network. Check it out at…


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