May is Game-Readiness Month for Change-Makers

Whether we feel we are experiencing too much change or not yet enough, change IS the massively multiplayer adventure game on the table these days. And the game is much more fun if we are prepared!

Admired colleagues are serving up some great preparations for change-makers this month, and you will want to get your share. Marianna Grossman’s Sustainable Silicon Valley WEST - Climate Change and Resiliency conference is happening on May 24th, preceded conveniently on May 22nd by Electronic Arts’ Andy Billings' workshop on Skills and Toolkits to Help You Navigate Change.  Addressing the high stakes adventures games ahead, both will prepare you - ensuring more fun, and with more friends.

Marianna says: “Meet with pioneers who are leading global companies to adapt to the new climate and economic era... with revolutionary approaches to a sustainable future.” And from Andy: “We will share our change experiences in a fun, hands-on, interactive workshop... I am teamed up with Glenn Tobe, a very wise and entertaining veteran of the organizational change world.”

So get ready! Because “In today’s organization, change leadership can come from anyone”.


Pst!  Looking ahead to June, join SSV’s Sustainability Leaders Forum where the guest speaker will be famed co-author of Cradle to Cradle, William McDonough.  His most recent project is NASA/Ames’ Sustainability Base, dedicated last month and featured in today’s InnovatingSMART story spotlight.

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