A New Cultural Narrative for Sustainability

Last year at one of the many sustainability-focused conversations I joined, a wise woman in the audience expressed well the conundrum we are living.   Despite our talk and activity around sustainable practice, our current cultural narratives of consumption and narrow measures of success are working against us.  We have no narrative for creating a world with regenerativity and sustainability at its core.  Without a new story, we are well-intended players trapped in an out-of-date game.


In response to that call-to-cultural-story, today we unveil our own first attempt at articulating such a narrative.  We have created a meta-story from the many stories of SMART innovation now in our video archive.  The result is the 7-minute video in this month's spotlight:  Shaping the Future Today Its messages will be familiar to our readers.  Its themes draw the outlines of our adventure ahead.  They include:


Our partnership with nature: Nature will re-enter daily experience.  It will populate our urban landscapes, and inform the sucess of our most effectively-designed systems.


Business is changing: The rules of the business game are changing.  Business of the future will be characterized by interacting systems, collaborative R&D, and triple-bottom-lines. Together, we will create a regenerative capitalism system which grows the underlying social and environmental systems on which our wealth is built.


Buyers hold power: From individual consumers and prosumers, to organizations and institutional buyers, we will create the enlightened markets which shape the successful businesses of tomorrow.


Collaboration is key: Community networks and innovation networks will drive cultural and business change. The power of collaboration will be unleashed.


Yes, we are in this together, and we must be bold.   We ARE shaping the future. Today.

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Comment by Diana K.H. Lee on April 4, 2012 at 10:53am

Thanks, Sue.  We're all about Nature here at Biomimicry 3.8, and in my inbox this morning was your newsletter and an example of collaborative R&D from the wonderful folks at IDEO.  Thought you might like to examine it - Human Centered Design Connect:



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