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Making the Case: A Story-Telling Workshop

From our good friends at Sustainable Silicon Valley.

Hope to see you there!

Cheers, Sue


Have you ever wondered how to get management, employees or citizens to fund or participate in sustainability programs? How do you sustain momentum once the luster of newness wears…


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An April Fool's Story

Among the many things I admire about Marianna Grossman, Executive Director of Sustainable Silicon Valley, is her flair for the artful and the true.  A favorite example can be found with this week's SSV event - Making the Case: A Story-Telling Workshop- to be held unapologetically on none other than April Fool's…


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The Opposite of SMART -- not simply "Stupid"

Over the weekend, while cleaning through some old files, I came across a 2005 essay by best-selling author Scott Berkun entitled "How to learn from your mistakes".   Therein, Scott outlined four categories of mistakes -- ranging from "stupid" to "complex". 


In reflecting on the mistakes that have led us down an unsustainable path, I find that they are actually not …


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Sink and Source: Facing Limits of Capacity

For too long we in the US have lived the delusions of exceptionalism.  Having dreamed from early on that it was our birthright, nay our DESTINY, to seize control over this continent from sea to shining sea, this inheritance of and heritage to the enlightenment rationality that located humanity (or more specifically White Anglo Men) as somehow separate from and hierarchically superior to Nature (and other Mothers, as well) has brought us to loggerheads…


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The Age of SMART

Yeah, this use of the acronym "SMART" is our own invention.  You won't yet find it in the mainstream (though we'd love to change that over time.) We came up with it to try to articulate specifically what we were learning about sustainable systems, and what it really meant to be "sustainable".  

The word "sustainable" itself is not terribly inspiring.   Intuitively, it means something on the order of "continuing to exist".  In recent…

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B Corporations--Changing the DNA of Business for Good!

You heard all about them from Deborah Hirsh of B-Labs.  Now -- come to hear from several business leaders who have incorporated their enterprises as B Corporations.  On March 21, join…


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Wherever You Are

What was the inspiration for this idea?

What is the value you are creating?

If innovation is a game, what "win" are you going for?
How are people and systems collaborating here?

What obstacles do you face?  What allies are helping you?
 What sacrifices have you…

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Leading the change ahead: Begin where you are

Radical change is clearly ahead.  In the words of a WBCSD task force comprised of the largest businesses in the world "Business-as-usual cannot get us to sustainability or secure economic and social prosperity. These can be achieved only through radical change, starting now."  They went on to articulate exactly what needs to change.  But the question that comes up again and again in…


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Strengthening Change Leaders Like You

Great title, isn't it?   This is the title on the email I received from Andy Billings, VP at Electronic Arts, and a manager of innovation and change who I admire.  Andy's full invitation can be found below.  Perhaps I'll see you there!


From Andy:

Just a quick note on a one-day program that might be of…


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