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Making Change Together with the Cool City Challenge

At this morning’s EPA webinar (part of a dynamite series by EPA's West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum), Annie Leonard shared what she has learned on her journey…


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Incubating Nature

Because nature has proven so successful in her engineering over the last 3.8 billion years, "asking nature" and mining her expertise has become a smart tactic for innovative businesses.   A critical part of that business innovation will be to sort out how to translate Nature's…


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Creating with Constraints

Upcycling is a creative business practice with the power to literally transform our material world.  Adam Wegener and Scott Hamlin are the creators of two young businesses which are applying upcycling principles to innovate the very way they approach product innovation. Adam is out to inspire a generation of future upcyclers, while Scott is out to change the way the apparel supply chain is materially sourced. The “waste” materials they are…


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Giving Thanks for Tech Ingenuity

As the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I am grateful for the technology ingenuity that is busy at work, helping us break down the man-made walls separating us from our own smarter future. 


One great way to thank our technology innovators is to join them on their “Hero’s Journey”. This is the raison d'être of the Clean Tech Open, the world-class mentorship program for the clean tech…


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Designed from Nature "Nightlife"

One of my favorite organizations reaches out in collaboration for yet another great-looking event.  Check out the Biomimicry Institute at the Cal Academy of Sciences on October 13!

From our Biomimicry friends:

Great design often takes cues from nature— get your hands on real products inspired by natural forms and speak to the folks at Ask Nature and the…

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The World is Ripe

Sometimes you just cannot be everywhere you want to be.  The eighth of September was one of those days for me, as Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) held a workshop on Designing for Sustainability through Biomimicry, and I was not available to go.  I heard from colleague Diana Lee of the Biomimicry Institute that SSV Executive…


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How Might Biomimicry Help Create a Better Battery?

Posted by Diana Lee, of the Biomimicry Institute.  

Be sure to check out the PDF link -- fascinating learnings from nature!

Biomimicry rocks!   Cheers, Sue


---------------------  From Diana:

As part of our work with New York State Energy Research and Development Agency, in June we held a workshop with New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium to begin to plumb the biological…


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The Call to Innovation

You know by now that I like to quote from Vision 2050: A new agenda for business.  If 30+ leaders, mostly from the C-suites of the world's largest companies, took the time to write it, I think it only right that I should take the time to read it.   

This week's quote is a nice support for our spotlighted story (our first "Conversation") on Innovation Alliances for the 21st…


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Sink and Source: Facing Limits of Capacity

For too long we in the US have lived the delusions of exceptionalism.  Having dreamed from early on that it was our birthright, nay our DESTINY, to seize control over this continent from sea to shining sea, this inheritance of and heritage to the enlightenment rationality that located humanity (or more specifically White Anglo Men) as somehow separate from and hierarchically superior to Nature (and other Mothers, as well) has brought us to loggerheads…


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Consuming in Circles

This weekend at the CompostModern conference on sustainable design, I got to listen to many inspiring speakers.  Among them:  Jonah Sachs from Free Range Studios, the story-telling genius behind Annie Leonard's brilliant (though not uncontroversial) illustration of our prevailing linear consumption model.   If you haven't already, watch "The Story of Stuff", which you can find on…


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