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Creating our 10,000 Year Legacy

This past weekend, our Airbnb guests had come to town for the Mechanicrawl 02011 event hosted by the Long Now Foundation, whose mission is balancing “faster/cheaper” thinking with its “slower/better” counterpart.   It prompted me to take another look at my copy of…


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The World is Ripe

Sometimes you just cannot be everywhere you want to be.  The eighth of September was one of those days for me, as Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) held a workshop on Designing for Sustainability through Biomimicry, and I was not available to go.  I heard from colleague Diana Lee of the Biomimicry Institute that SSV Executive…


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How Might Biomimicry Help Create a Better Battery?

Posted by Diana Lee, of the Biomimicry Institute.  

Be sure to check out the PDF link -- fascinating learnings from nature!

Biomimicry rocks!   Cheers, Sue


---------------------  From Diana:

As part of our work with New York State Energy Research and Development Agency, in June we held a workshop with New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium to begin to plumb the biological…


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Dimensions of Innovation

Innovation, or creating new value, is a key driver to success in today’s business climate.  Innovation is a very human activity, which can occur along many dimensions.  These correspond to the dimensions of human activity itself. Modern psychology tells us that the dimensions which comprise a…


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Turning the World on its - Side?

Wisely, we are beginning to design new efficiencies and enlightened qualities into our systems.  From energy to water, from cars to buildings, from materials to business models -- these systems have all been enjoying a serious second look.  This is both essential and innovative in its own way.   But sometimes, to really change how things work, we need to turn a system on its side.


This kind of thinking is what today's highlighted story represents - literally.   Our featured…


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The Call to Innovation

You know by now that I like to quote from Vision 2050: A new agenda for business.  If 30+ leaders, mostly from the C-suites of the world's largest companies, took the time to write it, I think it only right that I should take the time to read it.   

This week's quote is a nice support for our spotlighted story (our first "Conversation") on Innovation Alliances for the 21st…


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Call to Art- - a collaboration with SSV

At the SSV WEST Summit back in December, InnovatingSMART assisted Sustainable Silicon Valley in their collection and display of reflective and inspiring art pieces, underscoring the greater meaning and mission behind this intelligent and often exciting work.


At that time, we made several musical animations, developed through the creative tools at …


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Sink and Source: Facing Limits of Capacity

For too long we in the US have lived the delusions of exceptionalism.  Having dreamed from early on that it was our birthright, nay our DESTINY, to seize control over this continent from sea to shining sea, this inheritance of and heritage to the enlightenment rationality that located humanity (or more specifically White Anglo Men) as somehow separate from and hierarchically superior to Nature (and other Mothers, as well) has brought us to loggerheads…


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The Age of SMART

Yeah, this use of the acronym "SMART" is our own invention.  You won't yet find it in the mainstream (though we'd love to change that over time.) We came up with it to try to articulate specifically what we were learning about sustainable systems, and what it really meant to be "sustainable".  

The word "sustainable" itself is not terribly inspiring.   Intuitively, it means something on the order of "continuing to exist".  In recent…

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B Corporations--Changing the DNA of Business for Good!

You heard all about them from Deborah Hirsh of B-Labs.  Now -- come to hear from several business leaders who have incorporated their enterprises as B Corporations.  On March 21, join…


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"Green" Scores Big at 45th Super Bowl

As an Iowa girl who began her career at the University of Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers were my first NFL home team.  I settled in to the 45th Super Bowl ready to let the Green and Gold make me proud.  After an impressive first-half Green Bay rally, followed by a comeback by the Pittsburg Steelers to make this the fight we expected to see, The Pack ultimately prevailed.  I was never so happy about a football game.


But even as Green was dominating on the field, "Green" was…


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Consuming in Circles

This weekend at the CompostModern conference on sustainable design, I got to listen to many inspiring speakers.  Among them:  Jonah Sachs from Free Range Studios, the story-telling genius behind Annie Leonard's brilliant (though not uncontroversial) illustration of our prevailing linear consumption model.   If you haven't already, watch "The Story of Stuff", which you can find on…


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Regenerative Design for the Modern World

On the weekend of January 22-23, design minds from around the world will convene to express, explore and expand their practices in sustainable design at the CompostModern Conference 2011 -- "Fertile Ground for Building a Sustainable World"Check it out!


On Saturday the 22nd, a huge lineup of design leaders will speak to their experience and share their wisdom at the Herbst…


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