Increasingly, the gap between consumers and their ability to impact the products they buy is narrowing.   From the supermarket to the local farming community, new tools are empowering consumers to live the sustainable life they seek, while helping conscious businesses to thrive.  Meanwhile, big brands are collaborating to positively effect consumer behavior. Check out these innovation stories from the 2013 GreenBiz Forum in San Francisco.


Our Conversations...

Megan Joy Havrda - Adventure Capitalists: Empowering "PowerfulME"
THE INNOVATION: Business-building services for small sustainability-driving businesses.

Benzi Ronen - Farmigo: "Let's Grow Together"
THE INNOVATION: Connecting communities of farmers and food consumers.

Suzanne Shelton - The Shelton Group: "Wasting Water Is Weird"
THE INNOVATION: Designing brand collaborations to promote sustainable behaviors.

In the coming months, watch for more InnovatingSMART conversations with folks we met at the Forum.  Coming up:  changes to our infrastructure-usage models, and a return to nature for our physical and social engineering ideas.  Yes, business as usual is changing. Stay tuned for more.


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Check out GreenBiz' own coverage of the 2013 Forum at their microsite, or sign up for their newsletters.




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