While the "Three E's" of Equity-Economy-Environment** form the triangle that frames the terrain of the sustainability movment and of SMART innovation, another set of "Three E's" drives the InnovatingSMART project at this juncture.   The E's that define our challenge ahead:  Existence-Expansion-Excellence.


Existence.  Created from a simple idea and realized through the power of collaborative software and the generosity of a few young professionals,  InnovatingSMART is proud to have achieved this first "E". Having emerged from prototype and pilot, we now publish each week, building what we hope will become a rich searchable collection of stories -- stories to inspire, instruct and incite the next generation of SMART innovators.


Expansion.  The demands of publishing weekly and the opportunity to become a rich resource for many brings us to the next "E" -- the imperative of Expansion.  Our quest to build our interviewing team was strengthened last week at the GreenJobs job fair held at the David Brower Center in Berkeley.  Seeking to double our team of three interviewers, we were graced with a wave of interest.  Many bright and energetic folks applauded our mission, and signed up to learn how they could help.  We delight in the opportunity and look forward to the next steps.


Excellence.  As we embrace new energy, we seek also to evolve our product.  Going forward, we hope to become both more productive and more profound.   Proud to be exploring the uniquely first-person arc of entrepreneurship and the hero's journey of innovation, we nonetheless need your help to become the inspiring resource we hope to become.


Help us continue to Exist.   Help us to Expand.  Help us become Excellent.   With your help, we can grow these (other) Three E's, even as we focus the first Three E's of SMART innovation.


** A.K.A. People-Profit-Planet, or the Triple-Bottom-Line.

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