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Sue Lebeck, MS, MA, CSM
Founder and Director

San Francisco

Sue Lebeck is an innovation management specialist working to advance smart, sustainability-driven systems. A program director, researcher, product management and development specialist and innovation manager, Sue brings her diverse background in innovation management, software, psychology, media and collaboration to the work of sustainability innovation. 

Sue is Chair Emeritus of the City Protocol Task Force, a global non-profit expert community sponsored by the City Protocol Society and dedicated to facilitating the transformation of cities.  Through a city-system human and machine language, smart-city infrastructure advancement, shared empowerment practices and the translation of leaderly city transformation experience into shareable protocol and common data, City Protocol seeks to help create the Internet of Cities.

Sue also provides technology direction and agile product management to the Cool City Challenge, a social innovation initiative whose mission is to take the Low Carbon Diet and other proven behavior-change programs to scale creating more sustainable and resilient cities.  She is a contributor to the GreenBiz sustainable business media platform, where she explores the openings for innovation within SMART sustainable systems. She is at times a member of the StarNet LLC expert network, a firm which specializes in innovation alliance design.

Find Sue's full bio here. For more information, find Sue on LinkedIn.  


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