Great minds think alike, and “SMART” is the word of the moment.


Here at InnovatingSMART, “SMART” is our acronym for a set of qualities that we believe lead to sustainability.  These are: Systems-savvy, Managed intelligently, Adaptive, Regenerative and Trusted.  Together, these principles lead to long-running, resource-efficient, socially and environmentally sensitive systems and infrastructures for the 21st Century.

At IBM’s SMARTCamp, “SMART” focuses on our “M” quality -- deploying intelligent management in order to realize sustainability.  In fact, well-placed intelligent management has the potential to increase all the qualities of “SMART”.  Using sensors, data and feedback loops, SMART management can transform inter-systems interactions in increasingly savvy ways, and inform the regenerative use of resources in a system.   Intelligent management naturally increases the adaptability of a system and, if performed thoughtfully, has the opportunity to build trust.

IBM’s SMARTcamp invites young companies whose missions are aligned with IBM’s “Smarter Planet” values to compete for attention, mentoring, services, and access to deeper partnership with IBM.  In so doing, it promotes and supports the effort to infuse intelligent management and resource-regenerative practices into business and government infrastructures and operations.

In the recent Silicon Valley competition which concluded on September 9th at the Quadrus Center on Sand Hill Road, IBM selected not one but two winners, chosen from five local finalists.   For details and our perspectives on their choices, see  IBM’s Silicon Valley Challenge Winners.  


We applaud IBM’s support of SMART innovation.  We look to IBM and other very large multi-national companies to use their market reach and their worldwide operations to deploy SMART innovation throughout their product offerings and throughout their own operations and supply chains.    For worldwide sustainability to be achieved, it must be applied effectively on a grand scale.


By Sue Lebeck, with Peter Fitch, Nathaniel Gloekler and Natalie Forsythe

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