Sustainability is, at last, being deeply embedded into business decision-making and practice. This was among the clear messages at the 2013 GreenBiz Forum, hosted by Joel Makower and the folks at GreenBiz Group.  As a reflection of that, TruCost's performance indicators have become a central part of GreenBiz' State of Green Business narrative. See the 2013 State of Green Business report, now optimized for mobile devices.


At InnovatingSMART, we participated in the 2013 GreenBiz Forum SF conference, eager to learn about the emerging changes happening at the very heart of business.  While VERGE focuses on deep changes in physical infrastructure, this year's Forum spotlighted deep changes occurring within financial and business operations infrastructures.  Check out our one-on-one conversations with some fascinating folks, below.

In the coming months, watch for more InnovatingSMART conversations with folks we met at the Forum who are facilitating even more deep changes within even more infrastructures. From consumerism itself (that 20th century-invented economic lifeblood) to the management of materials (the stuff we make stuff from), and from our infrastructure-usage models to a return to nature for our physical and social engineering ideas -- business as usual is changing.  Stay tuned for more.

Our Conversations...

Libby Bernick - Trucost:
THE INNOVATION: Putting a price on natural capital.

Marisa Mackey - SASB:
THE INNOVATION:  Fully informing the investment community.

Jon Johnson - The Sustainability Consortium:
THE INNOVATION:  Scientific environmental reporting for consumer goods.

Tom Gloria -- Industrial Ecology Consultants:
THE INNOVATION: Bringing LCA to a much broader audience.

PLUS: from

"One Great Idea": Implementing an internal carbon fee at Microsoft




Watch as GreenBiz' own coverage of the 2013 Forum unfolds.  Check out their microsite, or sign up for their newsletters.




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