Researching the innovations on local food production and taking control of the food that we eat, including growing food more and more in unconventional places, and changing their eating habits.


Peter Ladner, Author
"The Urban Food Revolution – Changing the way we feed cities"


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  • People are taking food into their own hands literally, and changing the way they buy, grow and eat food. There is an explosion of interest.
  • In cities they are changing regulations so that people can now grow food out of their backyards. Restaurants are putting greenhouses on their roofs, commercial enterprises are showing up with growing food on their rooftops.  There is a wealth of things going on, and people are using it as an economic development tool.
  • When you get food right, all sorts of other things happen that are positive….we build communities, we make communities safer, people eat better, they get healthier, they get to know their neighbors.
  • If people are out growing food, their eyes and ears are on the street.  [Sue:] So it’s really about inhabiting the outdoor spaces. [Peter:] That’s part of it, and part of it is involving people in the margins of society…and getting them involved in growing food... Very useful work, you see literally the fruits of your labor, it’s very rewarding. [People are] looking after their neighborhood, they’re making it more beautiful, neighbors come and talk to them….
  • Cities all over the world are encouraging this – they’re making land available, they have staff to help you set up, they are waiving the water fees, helping to deliver compost, because they know it’s a benefit to the community.
  • Anybody who is involved in planning cities, or involved in politics at any level, or involved in any part of the food business, should be aware that this is a huge thing that is happening…  I don’t think we’re going to go back, we’re going to see more and more food grown in unconventional places, and more and more people saying ‘I want to know where this food is from before I eat it’, and more and more people changing their eating habits.

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