Creating Value with CO-STAR, is about perfecting and pitching your brilliant idea --  a how-to book for innovators around the world.


Laszlo Gyorffy, President
Enterprise Development Group


Creating Value with Co-Star:
An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching your Brilliant Idea
Lisa Friedman


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  • How do I frame the pitch and crystalize the value?  This is a critical skill every innovator needs to have.

  • Allowing people to fill their aspirations and dreams is one of the most compelling things anyone can do.

  • One of the most powerful things the book offers is the notion of a discipline of innovation – If we can have common language, common concepts, common practice, we can all innovate much better.   What must be the same so that everything else can be different?  If one of the things that is the same is HOW to innovate, we could work across groups, across divisions, across boundaries, across expertise, we could collaborate in the same way instead of fighting about how to run an innovation process.  Imagine if science didn’t have a basic understanding about how to conduct an experiment?  Scientists would be stuck about how to collaborate together.  The same thing [is true] with business innovation.

  • I think innovators are passionate problem solvers at some very deep level.  I would advise them to find important problems, not just interesting ones. •Follow your energy… Find important problems that matter…. And if it’s an important enough problem, no one can solve it alone.  It will take all of us to solve some of these.


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