We make an interface device that measures solar energy at the residential level... We enable the installers and the homeowner to see the performance of their systems on the Internet.  

Watch this short story "from-the-field":


- End-users/homeowners have a need to understand - Am I making power or not?  And they probably want to share that.... We have a Facebook strategy that allows them to post their energy production on their Facebook page... We hope it will raise the tide for all solar... If lots of people in my peer group are doing it; maybe it's not a strange thing.


- I love to create things.  I love to solve problems that need to be solved..The idea of leading a team through a discovery process and a creative process is incredibly inspiring... I'm not especially risk averse, so taking risk on stuff like this is not painful...  I enjoying forming a high-performance team and letting them run.


- This problem needs to be solved because we need to know if our customer is getting  a return on their  investment.... If the system isn't functioning, there is no return on the investment.....The customer needs to know if they are achieving their goals or not.


- Just Start.   You may chase funding forever.  The idea in your heart you may not be able to articulate. or people may not understand what you're doing.   So just start. Just do it... Once you start, then all of a sudden you have a direction, and maybe money will find you at some point.

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2013 Update on Solar progress in California --

California Solar Energy Systems Top 1 Gigawatt (equiv to about two power plants).


Check it out:-)




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