Sunflower Systems -- Managing Environmental Impacts of Business Assets


Helping organizations track the environmental impacts of their assets (buildings, vehicles, computers, production equipment, etc,) over time -- from procurement to retirement.


Robert Kaehler

Business Development Executive


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- For 15 years we've been helping organizations keep track of their "stuff"... All of this has impact at some level on the environment. It uses energy, it uses power, it uses resources. ... They can look at the physical and natural resources it uses over time.

- Organizations can do "what if" scenarios and forecasting.

-  [In the future] we can take information off smart meters ... and the smart grid... [the impact is going to] take people by surprise....

- The biggest to get standards in place so all the players can access data in a consistent fashion.... right now it's mostly on a one-off fashion

- It takes a lot longer than you think.  Even with the best idea it takes a long time.... you have to be able to move your vision.... your endpoint is going to change.... we haven't talked to the person who is going to rock us off our axis yet... there is no such thing as an overnight sensation.... But when the rewards come, they are worth it.


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